Privacy Policy

What Information Do We Collect?

Capfirst Financial collects information from clients and all interested potential clients when you provide us with an inquiry of services or purchase one of our marketing campaigns. When inquiring about our services or responding to one of our ads, you may be asked to enter various information such as your: name, business name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number or FICO score. Visiting our site anonymously is an option for anyone.

What Do We Use Your Information For?

The information we collect from you may be used in one of the following ways and will only be used in an attempt to provide you with:

A Personalized Experience

The information you provide us allows us to better respond to your exact individual needs for inquiries and to continue to properly service your account.

Improved Customer Service

This information also allows us to provide a fully customized experience with any customer service or support needs that you may have as our representatives are able to accurately identify your account and contact you by using this information.

Sending Applications to Lenders

With your consent we will apply on your behalf to multiple lenders to find you the best offers for your specific situation. We will use the information that you provide us as well as your application and supporting documents to attempt to acquire you financing or other related services. We will in turn communicate with you about the results of these submittals with the information you provide.

Periodically Send Emails

The e-mail address you provide upon submitting an inquiry or utilizing any of our services may be used to send you information and/or updates. You may also receive occasional company updates or news, marketing emails as well as industry information.

Reaching Out

By responding to an ad on Facebook, Google, email, Yelp, print, or any other form of media and providing us with your information on any platform, including the website you agree to allow us to contact you by phone and/or email to explain our services and attempt to assist you. To stop us from communicating you may opt-out of any future emails and phone calls at

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